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CAPMAC INDUSTRY is synonymous of quality and experience in the production of riveting machines and automated riveting systems. The firm operates globally with important customers in several sectors: mechanical components, automotive, aerospace, electrical appliances, white and black goods and more.

CAPMAC INDUSTRY is highly specialised technologically and its policy is to set up solid, lasting alliances with specialized firms, in the automation applications sector.

CAPMAC INDUSTRY offers a large portfolio of riveting solutions : electric, hydraulic, pneumatic riveting machines and fully automated systems for solid, self-piercing, tubular, blind rivets (pop) and threaded inserts.

CAPMAC INDUSTRY makes its experience in the riveting field available to customers, helping them find the best solution for their production needs.

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Impianti di rivettatura e macchine rivettatrici

SEDE LEGALE: Via M.Agusta, 18 - 21010 Ferno (VA)
SEDE OPERATIVA e UFFICI: Via Circonvallazione, 7/9 - 28060 Comignago (NO)
Tel/Ph. (+39) 02.3030.9236
Fax. (+39) 02.9366.4580

Cod. Fisc. e P.IVA 06754540968
Capitale Sociale € 50.000 i.v.
R.E.A. Varese n.351181

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