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Automatic riveting machines

Thanks to its riveting application experience, CAPMAC INDUSTRY now offers solutions for the automotive and aerospace markets requiring the following: innovation, flexibility, reliability and control of process.
The CAPMAC INDUSTRY riveting solutions work for any rivet type, shape and material: solid, self-piercing, tubular, pop etc.

Application sectors:

  • automotive
  • mechanical components
  • white goods components
  • ultralight aircraft

Some of the best selling machines:

  • Riveting machine for chains of transmission
  • A new machine has been developed by Capmac Industry for an important international customer, to insert attachments on transmission chains from ISO 6 to ISO 28. The concept of this new machine is very similar to the riveting machine ELECTRA recently lunched on the market by Capmac Industry. The IND 108 is powered by an electric engine: less noise, higher speed, comfort design and safety are the main characteristics of this new product.

  • Riveting machine for ultralight aircraft
  • This type of riveting machine can rivet reinforcement sections to the sheet metal positioned outside ultra-light aircraft. Rivets are loaded automatically and riveting is direct.

  • Riveting machine for bottom of dryer
  • Semi-automatic riveting machine riveting a flange to the bottom of a dryer. This is done using 6 tubular or semi-tubular stainless steel rivets. The cycle starts by loading 6 rivets automatically; the operator then positions bottom and flange. Pressing the start button, the machine rivets and returns the riveted piece to the operator.

  • Riveting machine for brake shoes
  • Can be configured as both single-rivet, for maximum flexibility, and double-rivet, for maximum productivity. This machine is hydraulic and, thanks to sophisticated pressure control during the riveting cycle, does not damage fragile "lines" even in difficult conditions when geometric tolerances of components approach acceptance limits.

Some of the products riveted

Impianti di rivettatura e macchine rivettatrici

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